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VegansFriend is more than a vegan recipe repository and meal planning app. We are the future. We promote healthy eating, community engagement, and environmental integrity.

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Amazing Features

This application was designed to help meet the needs of a growing vegan movement. The engine that drives this web-app is the VegansFriend community. Most of the recipes are generated by our subscribers. Become part of the community and start benefiting from recipe sharing today.

Powerful Recipe Searches

Looking for gluten free recipes – easy! Maybe you are a raw vegan – easy! Or maybe you want recipes that are simple, with little equipment, low in sodium, high in vitamin C and calcium, ready in 30 minutes or less and have a star rating of 4 or more – super easy! Stop wasting hours searching online for exactly the right recipe. Let VegansFriend do the work instead.

Tracking Your Nutrients

When adding food items to your recipes or meal plans VegansFriend is also providing you with nutrient breakdowns from our food database. From your profile, VegansFriend calculates your estimated daily nutrient requirements, for over 35 different nutrients, and compares it with what you are consuming according to your daily meal plan.

Creating Meal Plans

Life is so much easier when you are not wasting time frantically looking around in the fridge and pantry, trying to decide what to make for dinner. With VegansFriend you know exactly what is for dinner tonight. You know you already have the ingredients. You know how long it will take to prepare. And you have nutrient information. Sounds like a plan for success!

Generating Shopping Lists

From your meal plan on VegansFriend you can generate shopping lists. The shopping lists can easily be edited to change quantities, delete items you already have on hand and add items you may want that are not in your meal plan.

Sharing Recipes

Sharing recipes on VegansFriend allows us to help nurture one another with healthy food ideas. It is also an act of love and kindness. The heart and soul of VegansFriend is our community. When we behave like a community, are inclusive and generous, we are all made better for it. Some call it Karma.

Karma, Enviro and Chef Scores

At VegansFriend we care about healthy food choices. We care about saving animals. We care about the environment. We know our actions mean something. We want you to know how much it means, so we created the Karma, Enviro and Chef Scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a sample of some of the most common questions.

Yes, absolutely. We are more than a vegan meal planning app. This app is a tool to promote healthy eating and in doing so we are also engaging in acts of love and kindness. This is one way we can be of service to humans, other species and the environment.

Users can share recipes and make them either public or private. Users can search each other's recipes, save them as favorites, rate them and add them to their meal plan (users can also use the app as their own online recipe book). The food items and recipes on the meal plan are used to calculate daily nutrient intakes in relation to estimated daily nutrient requirements. These are displayed on the dashboard. Meal plans can generate editable shopping lists. The more you use the web-app, and the meal plans, the higher your Karma and Enviro Scores. The more you share recipes, those recipes are favored and rated by other users, the higher your Chef Score.

By using VegansFriend to organize your meal planning you can eat healthier, save time, save money, know your nutrient breakdowns and have fun sharing recipes with others. The Karma and Enviro Scores will remind you every single day that eating plant based is making a big difference in helping heal our world.

For people new to the vegan diet, VegansFriend is a great way to monitor your daily nutrient intakes. Sometimes newbies are concerned they are not getting enough protein or other nutrients. Also, changing diets can be very stressful and overwhelming. You may not know how to organize your meals, what meals best fit your lifestyle and personal needs and you may feel isolated and uncertain if you made the right decision. Being part of a vegan community that loves to share recipes can be a source of support as well as a resource for healthy vegan recipes. It may also help encourage you to experiment with recipes and share them with others. Vegan does not have to be stressful and difficult. Let us help make it fun and easy.

Many of us at VegansFriend have been solely plant based for many years and we use the app because it organizes and simplifies meal planning. For seasoned vegans who eat healthier vegan diets the app can help save time, effort and money. You can easily access your favourite recipes, or search for new ones, save them to your meal plan and prepare your shopping list. Once you know what you are making and have everything you need the rest is easy. And when you find yourself with limited ingredients, perhaps at the end of the week and have no idea what to prepare, you can search for recipes with ingredients you have on hand.

There are many web-based meal planning apps and some even accommodate vegan diets. As well, there are many beautiful vegan recipe blogs with food photos that look like they belong in an art gallery. We have benefited from many of these blogs ourselves over the years and are grateful for the hard work and effort that went into their creation and upkeep. It is pure joy that so many people and companies are now promoting vegan diets. We all have our place in this vastly complex and far-reaching cyber-world.

VegansFriend is unique as every snowflake is unique and yet is still snow. By providing a vegan meal planning tool we are promoting a healthy lifestyle and support for that lifestyle. By including nutrient breakdowns, our app is promoting knowledge sharing and healthy food choices. By giving the reins to our users to increase the recipe database, we are promoting sharing and community. By providing our users with Karma and Enviro Scores we are promoting compassion and environmental integrity. We may have our own little niche, but we are proudly part of a movement toward compassionate, sustainable, healthy and mindful food consumption.

Mindful eating is about the relationship you have with food and how that food affects your body. It is about bringing attention to what you eat and how you eat. Many of us eat for taste, no doubt taste is important, but there is more to our food than just taste. In fact, we can even heighten our appreciation of the taste of our food by eating it more mindfully. Many of us don't chew our food enough or we eat too quickly without really savouring the flavours in our food. Mindful eating brings attention to all the senses involved in preparing and eating food such as, smell, touch, sound, appearance, taste, digestion and energy. Mindful eating begins the moment we begin planning our meals. It continues as we prepare our food, serve the food to ourselves and others, eat our food and then notice how that food affects our body. For more information on mindful eating see our website blog.

Member Testimonials

"Most detailed nutrition reports I've seen, with macros, vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats, and proteins. You can easily create recipes, plan meals, and weekly grocery lists. The best part is that it is free and has everything I need, no compromises."

- Shivon B

"I was looking for an affordable application where I could not only add all of my vegan recipes, but also learn more about what it is I am putting into my body and I came across VegansFriend, which more than delivered. They have the most extensive food database that allows me to really customize my Meal Plans and Recipes. Their search engine is fast and powerful, and their app is pretty, and easy to use. They have fantastic customer service and they take the time to understand my needs. I wholeheartedly recommend VegansFriend to everyone and anyone who is interested in a one stop shop for learning about and incorporating a plant based/vegan diet into their life."

- Meggie O

"Very cool app. I was using other apps for meal planning and recipes, but they were not entirely vegan and I prefer this one because it is exclusively vegan. It really helps to know the nutrients I am getting from my food. And I love that they keep score of environmental benefits of being vegan as well as animal lives saved. Definitely an organization I want to support."

- George P

About Us

About us

Our VegansFriend team consists of software engineers, nurses, teachers and project managers. We are a diverse team of experts. Many of us have post graduate degrees in our fields as well as many years of experience. We also have training and experience in health promotion and mindfulness meditation.

VegansFriend is a Four Health Corner's product. Four Health Corners is a health promotion company. It was founded by Marie Mitilinellis (B.Sc, B.ScN, RN) in 2012. Marie had a vision for an integrated health promotion approach that includes environmental integrity.

Marie is also a mindfulness meditation student and teacher. Hence, the references to mindful eating and loving kindness. Mindfulness is not just about time spent on a meditation cushion. It is about how we relate with the world and each other.

VegansFriend came from a place of reaching out to promote healthy plant-based food consumption. VegansFriend incorporates the four cornerstones of good health from Four Health Corners namely, healthy mind, healthy body, health eating and healthy environment. These four cornerstones are not separate but rather interconnected.

A healthy mind and body require healthy eating.

A healthy environment is paramount in our health promotion approach. You cannot separate the health of the people from the health of the planet. As we achieve better health so will the environment, and as the environment achieves better health so will we.

There are so many benefits to a healthy whole-foods plant-based diet. Many of us on the VegansFriend team have experienced profound healing benefits from going plant based. At Four Health Corners we have witnessed many clients not only feel healthier but also cure diseases and regain their health by becoming vegan. A diet that can do this much good and reduce so much suffering is surely worth sharing with the world.

To learn more about Four Health Corners visit our website at fourhealthcorners.com.

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